Connect allows communication systems (voice / sms / email) to coexist with business applications. Here is how to connect your Zoom account on Connect. This action can be performed by any Connect user. ⚠️Cette integration is to be done by users.


Have a Zoom account.

To add Zoom to your user account:

Log in with your login and password on the Connect dashboard.
Click on the "My Channels" menu in the "Personal" section.
Choose Zoom integration in the Video conferencing channels.

Connect Zoom

Click on the "Connect" button
=> A Zoom authentication window will open
Fill in your Zoom identifiers

Zoom Authentication

A Zoom window will ask you to allow Connect to access your Zoom account, click the "Allow" button to authorize.

Zoom Authorization

Your Zoom account is now logged in! You can see the "Enabled" badge displayed for Zoom integration.

Zoom integration successful
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